How Does Psychology Increase Conversions?


Don't you wish there was some way you could determine how your customers feel about your products? Imagine how far your company could go with that assessment. Understanding your audience's emotional connection can tell you what makes them tick, what attracts them, and what repels them. 

While your customers may belong to many diverse backgrounds, their minds operate similarly. So, creating your homepage while keeping psychology in mind can positively affect your conversion rate. This article outlines how psychology increases sales. 

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Personalised Customer Type

Technological advancement can now help you judge your customers' involuntary and rational responses to any ad, packaging, product design, and website layout. 

For example, if you're selling infant products, you could boost conversions by having a picture of a smiling mother on your website, including text that describes her as a new parent. 

As a result, you can tweak your business strategy and services in line with what your target audience wants to see. The vibe that your product's project is crucial in determining whether a one-time user becomes a regular customer.

Visual Prominence

When you're looking at several objects, which one is more likely to spark your attention? The item that appears different from the rest will be more noticeable. The same response will most likely apply to your customers. 

The crucial features of a website need to stand out from the rest of the content.  You can do this by testing varying colours and using A/B testing. 

For example, visitors tend to respond more positively to a red call-to-action compared to a alternative green version.

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Use the FOMO Principle

You might have noticed how people instantly try to obtain something that they fear will vanish. This feeling is known as the fear of missing out, or FOMO. 

It's linked to social proof and scarcity, where if customers are not involved in an exciting event, it could imply that they're not up to date with current affairs. 

Since people tend to value those things that are limited in number, you can use this principle to convince your customers to buy your products immediately. 

A related approach is to add a limited timeline to purchase  your online products to encourage action straight away. 

Include the Feel-Good Principle

When your customers are shopping from your website, you want to ensure that the experience induces positive feelings. They should feel good about buying your product or service, so make sure that your promotional approach does not over exaggerate any part of it. 

For example, simply informing your clients that they can contact  you at any time will make them feel satisfied that they chose your company.

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