Effective Ways to Ramp Up Sales Using Neuromarketing

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Neuromarketing is a branch of marketing that integrates consumer psychology with the best practices in marketing. Ample research supports neuromarketing as an emerging marketing technique that can provide brands with huge benefits in terms of returns and sales. As a result, it’s not surprising that many companies are investing in neuromarketing strategies.

Here are some of the ways that you can use neuromarketing to increase sales

Make Memorable Headlines

Using eye-catching headlines will improve consumer engagement with your products and services and increase traffic to your website. This neuromarketing technique is known as “Hippocampal Headlines"—basically, when we tweak common phrases and place them in headlines, it creates attention, resulting in a long-lasting impression. An example could be "Practice Makes Patron". Use these headlines to write slogans, print ads, media posts, and more.

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Personalise, Personalise, Personalise!

Numerous studies have shown that customers respond positively to personalised messages. Human nature makes us crave importance. Known as implicit egotism, neuromarketing can be used to create positive reactions from people by creating a connection to a brand. This means that brands can direct their catalogues and marketing pitches to people in specific postcodes who have a history of responding positively to a brand. Re-target those in specific locations who have shown interest in your brand on digital media by sending out emails for increased returns.

Use similar-sounding names to show customers—for example, if you're showing Jack a testimonial, use the name "James" rather than Sarah. Basically, by creating a greater personalised experience for your customers in an authentic manner, you make them feel more appreciated and cherished. 

Improve Your Site 

Improve your website to attract more organic traffic. Neuromarketing plays a huge part in determining brand identity and narrowing down options for layouts, fonts and colours.  Convenience has been shown to activate parts of the brain more than security, so make sure you create your website to be as user-friendly as possible. Use colour psychology to determine a colour scheme for your website, and earn the trust of your customers through SSL certifications, testimonials and social widgets. 


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