How Neuromarketing Will Help Your Business Grow

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Customer experience and the customer journey are at the forefront of digital and traditional marketing activities in today's age.

To help improve the overall customer experience, neuromarketing is becoming an increasingly important  tool for brands to use. Neuromarketing refers to the process of gaining insight into the consumer's unconscious minds through research. This involves identifying their motivations, preferences, and decision-making process using neuroscience tools such as EEGs, fMRI's, eye tracking and facial coding technology. 

Why is neuromarketing so effective?  Here’s why:

Better Content

The tools used in neuromarketing help identify which marketing stimuli are able to produce stronger reactions in consumers. Businesses can use emotion analysis software to produce content that improves the appeal to their target markets. This allows for a more personalised brand experience, resulting in an overall positive customer journey and higher sales.

For example, when brands— especially eCommerce businesses, are designing products, they can use neuromarketing to their advantage to provide a completely unique experience. This is because neuromarketing encourages brands to employ and engage the use of all five senses, utilise emotional triggers, and carefully manage traditional marketing cues. Therefore, brands can understand what cues to use and which ones to avoid in developing more compelling content. 

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Improved Web Design 

Neuromarketing can be applied to UX and UI website testing in multiple ways, such as the optimum positioning of  text and images,  improving branding, product design, setting pricing and improving ad content.  Neuromarketing techniques also include assessing what font to use and where to place videos, to significantly improve UX.

Additionally, brands can use digital chatbots and virtual assistants, a powerful combination of AI and neuromarketing. Surveys have shown that customers' website experience can be greatly improved by being treated like a person rather than a robot, showing just how powerful chatbots can be. Another example is brands employing the use of colour psychology to improve their branding and appeal to their target market. Since different colours evoke different emotions in people, brands can use this to their advantage to create a website experience tailored to their target market.

Increased Brand Awareness

According to studies, when people are presented with an image of a brand they can recognise, they process it in the area of the brain associated with positive emotion. Through neuromarketing techniques, brands can create potent associations. By developing effective marketing and ad campaigns, brands can use emotional triggers to improve emotional engagement with their audience, increasing the extent to which consumers care about the brand. When consumers start caring about a brand, they make positive associations with it, resulting in brand loyalty— and higher growth for businesses.

Neuromarketing is such a cost-effective tool in delivering  increased results that all brands need to review how they can benefit from this technology.


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